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DIE PRESSE 15/12/16 link
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KURIER 28/05/16 link
ROLLING STONE DE 245 03/15 link
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Social Media etc.

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I work with the internet too (but it's complicated), because we grew up together. I was in some kind of computer class in the 90s, with audiogalaxy and napster from the start and floppy disks, then I studied Media Management and got to know facebook in 2006.

All that helped when I got this football job in 2010 where I - amongst other things, see below - set up and ran their accounts quite successfully. Which unfortunately cost me too much time to run this music/photography blog I had.

All that led to about a dozen projects since early 2014, in which I either drafted overall communication concepts or set up a website or social media accounts or did media relations or consulting or content management, including Big Smoke (2014), Centerfield (2014), some Bilderbuch posts (2014-), Matthäus Bär (2016-),  Spoon Agency (2016-), Oberst Stern (2017-).



We Shoot Music Don't We?

The nice people at They Shoot Music and I collaborated on a few music video sessions featuring national and international artists between 2011 and 2015 when I either lent them a hand with filming, or took photos.

Among the highlights were sessions with Yann Tiersen on the streets of Barcelona, Amanda Palmer in a dusty attic, Element of Crime on a sunny Sunday morning in a Viennese Hotel and Austrian band Kreisky in the splendid Kreisky-Zimmer of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, which is the actual former office of late Chancellor Bruno Kreisky.



BILDERBUCH Karibische Träume
Digital Single, Schoenwetter Schallplatten 2011
GARISH Unglück Trägt Den Selben Namen
EP, Schoenwetter Schallplatten 2011
Album, Dienje Music 2011
BILDERBUCH Nelken & Schillinge
Album, Schoenwetter Schallplatten 2010
Celebrating 10 Years ink music feat. Bilderbuch, Velojet, Garish and many more, Schoenwetter Schallplatten 2009


I know a thing Or Two about football And TV Production

That's me in 2010.

That's me in 2010.

In early 2010, I embarked for an adventure into the twisted world of football (or: soccer) business. I started out producing photo and texts for the website of Austria's very oldest football club First Vienna FC 1894, before I got on full-time in the summer to run their online communication including the implementation of Twitter (2010), Facebook (2010), Instagram (2012) and a mobile app (2012). I was also responsible for all organisational matters regarding the professional squad in the position of a Team Manager, working closely with players, coaching squad, management, and the public. That earned me a profound insight into the very special world of football, quite an experience and lots of stories. It was fun.*

In 2014 I went back into self employment and - social media and other projects, as well as photography aside - used my aquired football/media skills to start running TV productions for Sky Sport Austria. It's been about 150 productions at games in the Austrian Bundesliga, Erste Liga and UEFA Europa League now. 👌

That's me in 2014.

That's me in 2014.